From Dave Black – Seven Reasons Why I Like the Book of Hebrews

I’m delighted to open this discussion and announcements area with a quote from Dr. David Alan Black, author of Energion books The Jesus Paradigm and Christian Archy:

Seven reasons why I love the book of Hebrews:

  • It exalts Jesus as our great leader. I therefore dare not exalt any human leader above Him.

  • It reminds us that Jesus is the final revelation of God. I therefore dare not exalt any human writing above the Scriptures.

  • It shows us that Jesus is the greatest catholic priest the world has ever known. I therefore dare not look to any human to mediate my relationship with God.

  • It depicts Christianity as a pilgrimage. I therefore dare not live as if this world were my home.

  • It emphasizes the “obedience of faith” (a leading Pauline subject). I dare not think that orthodoxy is sufficient without orthopraxy.

  • It reveals that suffering is a necessary part of the Christian experience. I therefore dare not seek to avoid costly sacrifice while serving Jesus.

  • It shows me that there is no place in the will of God for slavish obeisance to religion. I therefore dare not place human traditions above fidelity to Jesus and His ways.

Is this not the heart of Christianity?

(Used by permission.)

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