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Inspiration and Participatory Bible Study
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I recently added Understanding the Bible – With and Without Inerrancy to the Energion Publications YouTube channel, and I believe this can be helpful to people in their Bible study. I am the interviewer for this video, and am talking … Read More

The Message of Philippians
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Dr. Bruce Epperly, author of the Participatory Study Series volume on Philippians, is posting a series of videos on the book, and we’ll be posting these here. To start, however, we’re going to re-post his video, The Message of Philippians.

Apply It to Yourself
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From the forthcoming book Faith and Reason by Elgin L. Hushbeck, Jr. A quick way to end up in trouble is to see the Bible as mainly discussing what others should be doing. Faith and Reason, p. 41 (coming March … Read More

Link: The Main Message of Galatians
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By David Alan Black on The Jesus Paradigm: The Main Message of Galatians.

Don’t Take This Precious Gift For Granted
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By Energion author Linda Estes.

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